Regularised Carcassing & Treated Timber

sawn regularised carcassing

Sawn Regularised Carcassing

All our building grade timber is C16/C24 and is dressed with eased corners, making it ideal for trade & for DIY for a variety of uses.

Reg – 2.4m
47 x 75
47 x 100
cls timber

CLS Timber

38 x 65
38 x 90
treated timber

Pressure Treated Timber

4.2m or 4.8m
19 x 38 Batten
25 x 50 Batten
25 x 75 Sawn Treated
25 x 100 Sawn Treated
25 x 150 Sawn Treated
25 x 225 Sawn Treated
Various C24 Grade
47 x 50 – Reg Treated – 2.4m – 4.8m
47 x 75 – Reg Treated – 2.4m – 3.6m – 4.8m
47 x 100 – Reg Treated – 2.4m – 3.0m – 3.6m – 4.8m
47 x 150 – Reg Treated – 3.6m – 4.8m
47 x 200 – Reg Treated – 3.6m – 4.8m
75 x 100 – Reg Treated – 4.8m
shiplap cladding
shiplap cladding 2

Treated Shiplap Cladding

Preservative treated for longer life with Tanalith E giving long term protection against fungal decay and insect attack, including termites. 15 year life expectancy Slow grown timber for greater strength and also allows better penetration of the preservative than faster grown timbers Ideal for external cladding applications Cut ends must re-sealed with appropriate woodcare products to maximise service life

19 x 125mm
19 x 150mm
25 x 150mm

Western Red Cedar Cladding

Dorchester Timber can source many different profiles of Red Cedar. When first installed, this timber cladding is a warm reddish-brown colour. If left untreated, it turns the classic silver colour over a number of years, depending on how much direct sunlight it receives. With regards to durability, Western Red Cedar, without any form of treatment, has been known to last up to 60 years! If you would like to know more about this product, just call one of the DT team.

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